Your Fate is In Your Hands

diceFrom fortunetelling techniques in China, Palmistry or palm reading is regarded as the most influential. The origins of palmistry can be traced several thousand years ago in China and India, and the technique is still popular at present. Palmists (or palm readers) were hold in high esteem, due to their ability to foretell the future and identify one’s personality traits. Back then, horoscope and other analysis were not available and were considered inaccurate.

Chinese palm reading is commonly used technique not just in China, but in other countries as well, Hong Kong and Taiwan to name a few.

The Hand Choice

The choice of hand in Chinese palm reading is closely linked to the principle of Ying and Yang. Therefore, the age and gender theory applies. For males, the left hand is used if they are under the age of 30, while the right hand complements the main analysis. If they are older than 30 years, the opposite applies. For women, right hand is used for primary reading when the individual has lesser than 30 years.

Another theory in Chinese palm reading is that the left hand represents what we are born to be, while the right hand is what we grow to become. That order applies for men. When the client is a woman, the opposite order is in place.

Chinese philosophers consider the 30-mark as a moment in life when people grow to become mature individuals. Before that, many of our decisions are influenced by our parents, the environment surrounding us and our heritage.

Chinese Palmistry and Overall Health

One of the popular aspects of Chinese palm reading is the medical aspect. Palm readers usually predict the future, but Chinese medicine doctors use the palmistry as a way to learn more about person’s overall health state.

– One of the aspects doctors examine is the color of the hand. The color depends greatly on circulation; therefore, light pink is the healthy color, while white is a sign for poor circulation.

– The signs of unhealthy nutrition, and insufficient amount of vitamins and minerals can be determined by dry and wrinkly palm with yellow color.

– The center of palm shows what type of food people should avoid. If it is white, the individual has too much yin (cold) energy and he/she should avoid low temperature foods. The red is a sign for yang energy.

– A sign of high blood pressure is the base of the thumb. When it is red, it indicates excessive internal heat.

– If the base of the little finger is red, that is a sign of diabetes.

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