What is your Palm Hand Shape?

Besides the lines on the hand, the shape and size of the hands are also factors in a palm reading. Palmists look at various factors on the hand, including the size and the shape. They also examine the color and texture of the skin on the hand and many other factors. Shapes of the hand can generally be divided into four major categories, each related to a different element namely water, earth, fire and earth. In some schools of palmistry, palmists divide the shape into 11 major types. However, the four elements categorization is the most common one.

  1. Hand Shapes and Sizes

    – Persons with earth hand have broad, square palms and fingers. Their skin is of ruddy color, and the length of the palm is same as the one of the fingers

    – Air is the next element in hand categorization. Main characteristics are square and rectangular palms. The fingers are long, but equal with the length of the palm. Sometimes, people with air hands have low set thumbs.

    – Water shaped/sized hands are associated with oval shaped palm and the length of the palm is lower than the width across the widest part. Speaking of the fingers, they are long and flexible.

    – People with fire hands have square and rectangular palms, with a length greater than the one of the fingers. Their skin is pink, and their fingers are short.

    Meanwhile, hand shape/size is closely related to the quality of lines. Therefore, people with earth and water hands usually have deeper lines. On the other side, people with air and fire hands are associated with lines that are less clear and defined.

  2. Strength of the Hand

    The strength of the hand can be determined when the palmist shakes hands with the client. A firm handshake indicated an aggressive and outgoing individual. On the other hand, a weak handshake is related to a person who likes other’s to take care of him/her.

  3. Hand’s Color

    People’s vitality and strength can be easily determined by the color of their hand. A pale color is linked with individuals who lack vitality and strength. The yellow palm on the other hand shows cynical nature of an individual, while pink palm is an indicator for excellent strength and vitality. People with red palm are usually hyperactive.

  4. Flexibility of the Hand

    If the hand is relaxed and flexible, the bearer has an easygoing nature and is susceptible to new ideas. A too flexible hand and bended fingers is a red sign for a pushy person. People with rigid personality have stiff hand, while a stiff thumb is associated with a person having a strong will.

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