What is Palm Reading?

Do you want to know what the future holds for you? Palm reading is an ancient technique, one that has been around for thousands of years and yet, this ancient practice remains popular today. Everyone is a bit curious about the future, and Palm reading (also known as Palmistry), not only does it reveal the future but can also tell a person’s personality traits. Palm reading is a fun and simple way of fortune telling.

In order to perform a palm reading, practitioners examine the hand, fingers, fingernails and lines of the client. Palm reading can be done on both the left and the right hand. There are several different theories which hand to use. Here are some of them.

  1. The Dominant and Secondary Hand

    A common school of thought, the best way to perform a palm reading is to use the dominant hand for insight into the work life, personality traits and how others perceive us. The secondary hand is used for person’s emotions, his/her relationships and dreams.

    Once the hand is chosen, lines on the hand are set for examination. In a dark place, a good advice is to use a lamp to shed some light. However, it is worth noting that less prominent line is associated with people who need to put more work into their life, while the deep one represents people whose characteristics are strong and fully developed.

  2. The Brain Theory

    This thinking assumes that the left hand is controlled by the right brain and the right hand is controlled by the left brain. Therefore, the left hand reflects the inner person and lateral thinking and is deeply linked to relationships and control pattern. The right hand, on the other hand reflects the outer person, his reasoning, logic, and the objective self.

  3. The Age and Gender Theory

    As we know, people do not have identical lines, creases and fingers on their left and right hand. The gender and age theory is another way to determine which hand to be used. For men under 30 years old, the left hand is used for primary reading, while the right hand complements the reading with an analyze. The opposite is used for male persons over 30 years old. For women, the right hand is used for primary reading if they are under 30 and the left complements it.

  4. The Present, Past and Future

    This theory suggests that the left hand represents the past, both physical and material heritage of a man while the right hand represents his future and what becomes of him when he grows up. Or put in another words, the left hand represents what men are born to be, while the right what they are grown to be. For women, it is the opposite.

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