What Does Marriage Line Tell Us

marriagelineThe marriage line is one of the secondary lines in the palm reading chart. However, many people are interested how their marriage life unfolds, how many children they are going to have, the state of the marriage and lots more. The marriage line can be one line, or several lines located below the little finger. Light lines in the area represent romances, while stronger lines represent marriages. The number of children in marriage is represented by the lines that meet with the marriage line, but do not cross it. An important notice – the line can change depending on the current situation.

  1. Upwards or Downwards?

    The direction/course of the marriage line shows how happy a person is in his marriage. If the line is going upwards, the person is happy in his marriage. And if he/she is not married, a successful and happy marriage is on the horizon. An upwards line indicates a marriage where the individual receives as much love as he/she gives. If your partner has this line, he/she is a keeper.

    On the other hand, a downwards line indicates an unhappy marriage, and a person who is less positive about the idea of marriage. Single people with a downward line do not believe in marriage, or have had their heart broken. Married people should discuss their relationship/marriage with their partner.

  2. Length of the Line

    There are many variations of the length of the marriage line:

    – A long line represents a long relationship.

    – If the line is slopping toward the heart line, a possible death of the partner is on the horizon.

    – If the slope is gradual, the death comes as a result of a lingering illness.

    – When the line is curving upwards, the individual is destined to be single or find love at old age.

  3. Marriage Line Shapes and Readings

    – If the line is crossed and long, combined with a vertical line and located under the ring finger, the person is bound to be rich in marriage. He/she will marry a wealthy individual. Even if the partners are not wealthy at the moment, they will get together.

    – Several short lines indicate a person who is often in one sided love relationships.

    – When the person is hunting for love, he/she has several lines crossing each other.

    – When the line is split, and there is another line after the sprit, the person is going to marry one of his/her ex lovers. People with such reading tend to go back to their past.

    – When there are two lines, but they become one, the person is going to marry later in life. He/she has a long relationship, but is afraid of commitment

    – A broken line is a sign of death or divorce.

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