The Fate Line: A Career Success Indicator

fatehighBesides the life, heart, and head lines, the fate line is also considered to be one of the major lines on a person’s hand. The line starts from the bottom of the palm, and goes through the center of the palm, reaching all the way to the middle finger. Associated with the life path of the individual, the line can sometimes be separated into three separated lines. The first part, from the bottom of the palm to the middle is considered to represent youth, the middle is associated with the adulthood, and the end, nearing at the middle finger represents old age. The line is closely linked to the choices people make in their career, as well as successes and obstacles in life.

Who Controls Your Life?

Depending on the visibility of the line, the reader can determine whether the client’s life is controlled by fate or there are other factors the person cannot control. Therefore, strong and deep line indicates life guided by fate. When there are breaks and changes of direction in the line, the person is prone to changes in his/her life that are determined by outside factors and circumstances.

Where Does the Line Start?

Most readings regarding the fate line are closely linked to the position where the line starts.

– When the fate line starts from the same spot as the life line, the person will know early in life what his career choice and aspiration is. Moreover, he/she is a self made individual.

– When the fate line starts clearly at the wrist, and then joins the life line. The point when the fate line touches the life line, is the time in life when the person has to put other’s interests as priority instead of his own. When the line separates from the life line, the person regains control of his/her life.

– If there is a break in the line at the point where the head line flows through the hand, this is the point in life when a change of career/job is expected.

– People who don’t have a fate line are the ones usually living in poverty.

– When the fate line merges with another line, it strengthens the effect of the fate line. The person comes in touch with someone else who is going to help him in the career. The income increases after this point.

– If the fate line is straight from the beginning to the end, and it is a long line, it indicates a healthy income through the whole life, even at older age.

– When the fate line starts at the base of the palm, the person is expected to be a politician, entertainer or work in any other profession connected to the public’s eye.

– When there is a star at the end of the line, the person’s destiny is marked for success. Depending of the position of the star, it can be in different fields. For example, index finger – non creative professions, middle finger – success after several years of hard work, ring finger – creative professions.

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