Palmistry: The Most Popular Fortunetelling Technique in the Modern Society

The reality is, most people want to know what the future holds for them. At the same time, even those who believe in horoscope, tarot reading, palmistry and other forms of divination, are too afraid to admit it. While fortunetelling techniques are popular in today’s modern society, they are still seen as something that is evil, blasphemous and practiced by stigmatized Roma people. However, palmistry is gaining more and more popularity, and less people believe in the stereotypes linked with palm reading.

We are all Different

By looking at our palms, even our own two palms, we notice a difference between them. And by you looking at close friends and family hands, one can notice there are many differences between palms. A step further would be to measure the hands, and the difference is evident. Well, the saying, each and every one of us is unique, applies perfectly in palm reading. No two palms are the same because all our actions in the past, our personality traits and what our future holds for us is written on the palm. It may sound unrealistic, but there are many people believe in it.

What is Palmistry

To put it in simple terms, palmistry is a practice popular with many cultures in the world. A palm reading involves analyzing the hand, its shape, texture, markings and all the lines both visible and non visible on the hand. By studying the factors on the hand, a palmist gives a reading which includes facts about the past, present life, personality traits and guidelines for behavior in the future.

Advantages of Palm Reading

There are several benefits of palm reading, and we are going to mention few of them:

– It gives people quick access to a person’s personality

– Provides insight of the future

– Easy and simple to learn

– There is no need to know any numbers, birth dates, planets position. It is all written on the hand

The Lines in Palmistry

There are three major lines in palm reading. The life line is the first one to examine, and is associated with information regarding vitality, health, quality of life and changes in life. The head line can travel alone, or can be linked with other lines. It provides information regarding creativity, type of a person (imaginative or practical), types of mentality and other personality traits. The heart line is the third major line, which starts at the edge of the palm and travels to the index or middle finger. It gives information about the ideal partner, how we handle affections and emotions, and whether the person is attention-seeking or not.

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