Palmistry and Astrology – How Are They Connected?

Palm reading and astrology are widely popular fortune telling techniques. Both have their advantages, and disadvantages. But they are closely linked, to the point that some astrologers try to mark the zodiac signs on their hand. And let’s not forget that the names of the mounts on the hand got their name from some of the planets in our Solar system. The notion is that by looking at the marks, lines and shape and form of the palm, palmists can estimate good and bad energies of planets.

Advantages of Palmistry

Opposite of Astrology, palmistry is pretty easy and simple way of divination. Unlike Astrology, palmists do not need to solve mathematical equations, use computers and other equipment to perform the reading. In fact, everyone can observe his/her hand, and with a bit of knowledge, perform a reading on his own hand. Another advantage of palmistry is that the readings/answers to questions are obtained fairly quickly. The whole reading process can be done within 10 or 15 minutes. There is no need for studying complex planetary combinations, signs and aspects. There are just few simple and basic rules in palmistry, which are more than enough for novices to start perform a reading.

Advantages of Astrology

The main advantage of astrology as a fortunetelling technique is the depth and the comprehensive reading it provides. According to many experts, astrology provides the most accurate divination reading of all techniques. This is due to the complex mathematical calculations required to obtain a reading. There is no room for hunches, or subjective views, as everything is determined by the birth chart and the natal card created. Another benefit is that astrology can provide insight and information for many of the people related to us, not just for us as individuals. The accuracy of the reading is on full display when the individual asks for information regarding his closest family.

How Palmistry and Astrology are Similar to Each Other

Astrologers create a natal chart, palmists create a palmistry chart. One of the focus points in astrology and palmistry is strength and weaknesses of individuals, and other personality characteristics as well. Both fortunetelling techniques focus on the future, and both of them find their explanation in the past. While palmistry looks for the actions in the past, astrology focuses on things that happened in the past, but influenced our lives. However, the difference is that in palmistry, individuals were responsible for their actions, while in astrology, events transpired without us knowing or having any influence on it.

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