Palmistry 101 – A Guide for Beginners

palmPalm reading is a skill very easy and simple to learn. For shy people, it is an excellent tool for communication with others, as it forces one-on-one interaction. Additionally, it gives people something to talk about. Palm reading is an ancient fortune telling technique, which origin can be traced back to China and India. The idea behind palmistry is that a person’s hand – namely the hand, fingers and lines – can foreshadow that person’s future and indicate his personality traits. How to read the hand? Simple, just follow the guide.


  1. Read the Hand

    Hands in palmistry are linked to the four major elements, and the type of hand represents one’s traits.

    • Earth hands are associated with practical people, who rather do something than learn. People with earth hand are conservative and like to live outdoor life. They are afraid of small, closed rooms (cabin fever). Their hands are wide, their skin is thick or rough, and their palms and fingers are square.
    • People with air hands are intellectual, creative and always have an idea or two. They are also prone to stress. Because they tend to hide and question their feelings, people with air hands are faced with issues in their relationship. Their hands have rectangular palms and long fingers.
    • Water hands have oval palm and long, flexible fingers. These people are very emotional, extremely artistic and feelings are their greatest motivation.
    • Fire hands have shorter fingers, pink skin and their palm is greater than their fingers. Known to be energetic, fire people are always searching for variety. They can be intolerant and impatient.


  2. Read the Lines

    There are three major lines in the hand, and several minor and secondary.

    • The heart line is linked to anything related to love, and it can start from under the index finger, beneath the middle finger or between the first and the middle finger.
    • The head line examines how a person studies, what motivates him/her, and how he/she perceives the world. The line flows across the hand, and its source is under the index finger. Sometimes, it can cross lines with the life line.
    • The life line extends from the edge of the palm, traveling towards the wrist. It represents vitality, health and reflects major life changes.


  3. Read the Fingers

    When it comes to fingers, one must examine the shape of them. Not just the shape of the finger, but the shape of the thumb and the fingernails. Long fingers are associated with anxious and good-looking people, while short ones represent creative, impatient and sexually active people.

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