Life line: The Most Controversial Line in Palmistry

lifelongDo you have a short life line? Do not worry, you are not about to die. One of the most common misconceptions regarding the life line is that it represents how long a person is going to live. On the contrary, the length of the line is in no way connected to the lifespan of an individual. The life line begins between the thumb and the index finger, and from there, it travels in an arc downward towards the wrist. The life line actually helps the reader identify one’s health, vigor, vitality and overall well being.

As mentioned, the length of the line is not something to be concerned about. Palmists look at the quality of the line, rather than the length. To read the lifeline, a palm reader always examines the line on both hands. The lines on the passive and active hand are different per se.

What Does Life Line Mean?

Depending on the form and length of the life line, there are different readings.

– A long and deep line is an indication for vitality, good health and an individual who leads a well balanced life.

– When a person has short and deep line, he/she is well equipped to overcome physical problems.

– Short and shallow line is associated with people who are easy to control, and often fall under other people’s influence.

– A deep line is always an indication of smoother life path.

– A broken line is an indication of struggles and losses in life. Other readings include changes in the lifestyle or an unexpected illness.

– People with chained life line are susceptible to health and emotional problems

– When a person has double or triple life line, he/she is surrounded by positive vibe. Alternatively, he/she is leading a double life.

Shallow Lines Versus Deep Lines

As with all lines on the hand, the life line can be both shallow and deep. Depending on the visibility, the reading is different.

– A shallow line represents the person who doesn’t influence the world much. And the opposite is true here. Neither the environment has much influence on the life of these people. These people are often seen as ships without rudders, as they shift depending how the wind flows.

– Deep line, however, suggests inner strength, and a person who stays in the memory of others for a long time. Deep life line is seen as compensation to other flaws on the hand.

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