Is Palm Reading Real?

3 Ways Your Hands Can Predict Your Life (With Pictures)



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Palm Reading (also called ‘palmistry’ or ‘chiromancy’) is the ancient art of predicting your personality traits and your future through the lines on your hands.

The practise of palm reading is thought to date back to 3000 BC where the ancient Egyptians, Chaldeans, and Indians – then progressed to Europe and throughout Asia.

Just like your fingerprints are unique to you, so are the lines on your hands – and they may say more about YOU than you think.


So how accurate is palm reading, really?


Over thousands of years, palm reading practitioners have observed and recorded links between the lines on people’s palms and the effects that they have on health, wealth, happiness, love, relationships, personality traits, and fate.


Below are 3 types of lines that appear on your hand, and a brief description of what they mean.

 heart life fate lines

You be the judge.

Examine the palm of your most dominant hand (in good lighting) and see if your lines have accurately predicted your past and present life and personality traits.

Look at your palm, then read on…



Your Heart Line reflects:

  • Emotional stability
  • Romantic perspective
  • Depression
  • Cardiac (heart) health

If you feel that you could be happier, or for all matters of the heart (whether it be love, romance, or relationships with friends or family) look at your Heart Line.

The Life Line is indicated on the below images with red lines.

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Your Life Line reflects:

  • physical health
  • general wellbeing
  • major life changes

Note: The length of your life line is not associated with length of life

If you have concerns about your health or if you feel like you’re entering a new phase of your life, you should look at your Life Line.

The Life Line is indicated on the below images with green lines.

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This is the line of destiny and indicates the extent to which your life is affected by circumstances beyond your control.

If you feel like some aspects of your life just is not going your way then pay attention to your Fate Line – it might be eye opening.

The Fate Line is indicated on the below images with gold lines.

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[Video] “Freakishly Accurate” Live Palm Reading

See Ginger have her palm read by a palmist in a public area.

She even shows you how to predict the number of children you will have at  3:12.
Check out the video below!


Now that you understand a little about how 3 of the lines on your palms affect your personality and your life, you may be interested in discovering more about yourself or what the future holds.

You may have questions like:

  • Will my family members be okay in health and finance?
  • Will I meet that special someone and when?
  • Will I have money problems in the future?
  • What decision should I make with my current dilemmas?

Or maybe you just want a revealing experience like Ginger in the video above.
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