Hindu Palm Reading – The Oldest Palmistry

Indian or Hindu palm reading is the oldest form of palmistry. It is also the most famous palm reading in history. People from ancient times were traveling to India in order to learn and master the tricks of palmistry from Indian scholars and gurus. Vedas, widely regarded as one of the oldest books, contains sections for palmistry as an important aspect of Astrology. Indian palm reading focuses on the future and past life of humans, helping them understand the direction their life is headed. Lines found in hand have different names in Indian palmistry.

  1. The Line of the Father

    The father line starts from the index finger, and travels to the thumb. The line is linked to life happiness.

  2. The Line of the Mother

    Indian scholars believed everything is linked to Karma (or our actions in previous births). The line shows our happiness and connection with the mother. Those who have the mother line are

  3. Longevity line

    Our health, personality traits and nature are represented by the line of longevity. Starting from the little finger and traveling to the index finger, the line of longevity depicts the person’s beliefs, religious qualities and his overall health and lifespan.

  4. The Fate Line

    This line is one of the hardest for reading. The reason is that it should never be read individually. Instead, the fate line is examined in correlation with other lines on the hand. Several factors influence the fate line. It can start from several areas, including below the thumb, or from the lines of the father and the mother.

  5. The Fame line

    The fame line can start from anywhere on the palm. However, it always ends on the mount of Sun. The fate line shows our success in life. However, success has a broader meaning in Indian palmistry. It can be related to family, wealth, reputation and knowledge.

  6. The Marriage Line

    This line is very small, and is considered a gift from God to have a success in marriage. The marriage line starts at the little finger, and from there, travels to the mount of Sun. Sometimes, there can be more than one marriage lines. It is important to notice that a person should not be judged if he has more than one marriage lines. The judgment should consider the whole palm, not just the marriage line.

Other lines

Besides the mentioned more important lines, there are other lines in Indian palmistry. Some of them depends on others around us, for example the brother and sister line. Others show the number of children a person might have, and the happiness of their children.

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