Heart Line – the Key to Your Love Life

heartstraightThere are three major lines in the hand, and each one is separately examined by a reader during a palm reading. The heart line is the first one. Found towards the top of the palm and under the fingers, this line represents love and attraction. According to believing, the heart line represents people’s emotional living, and how our emotions act or will act during our lifetime.

The heart line is also linked to romantic perspectives, relationships, physical love, health of our heart etc. Sometimes, people can detect a high blood pressure and react in a timely manner, all thanks to palm reading of the heart line.

Where Does It Start

Depending of the position where the line starts, the meaning is different. For example, in situations where the heart line starts under the index finger, the reader determines that the client lives a satisfying love life. People who are selfish in love see their heart line starting beneath their middle finger. The last place where the line can start is between the first and middle finger. If it starts there, the person falls in love easily.

Symbols on the Line

Sometimes, there might be symbols on the heart line. A circle on the line signifies sadness or depression, while a broken heart or lines crossing show emotional trauma.

How Does the Line Look

The heart line is associated with all things concerning love. But the form and the shape of the line represent different meanings.

  • Long, straight line is associated with people who are rational and analytical. They tend to consider other’s feelings first.
  • People who need freedom in love have short straight line. They tend to show their affection through actions rather than words.
  • A long, curved line is associated with people who are driven by passion and desire.
  • A short, curved line represents reserved people in love, preferring more intimate settings.
  • People who’ve experienced personal betrayal have unique heart line. There line has two or more Xs found at the outer palm.
  • If the line is split in two, the person hides his/her emotions in order to meet the needs of other people.
  • If the heart and the life line touch, the person is very vulnerable and his/her heart can be broken easily.

Players (people with many lovers) have wavy heart line. Even though they have many lovers, very few of those relationship develop to something serious.

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