Fingers and Their Palm Reading Meaning

Fingers are the third aspect of a palm reading. After the hand reading (size and shape), and lines on the hand (life, heart and head line), fingers are the third most important aspect of the reading. Palmists examine the fingers size, length, shape, the space between fingers and several other factors.

The Five Fingers

Each of the fingers is associated with personality. The thumb relates to self control and will power of a person. The middle finger represents discipline and balance, while the ring finger allows people to shine and share their ideas. The ring finger is the one that represents people’s level of emotional expression and creativity. The little finger is associated with communication and sexual expression. The longer the little finger is the better communicator the bearer is. The forefinger stands for confidence, ambition, drive and ego.

  1. Length of the Fingers

    If the fingers are longer than the palm, they are considered long. Ideally, the longest finger should be the 85% or 7/8 the size of the palm. Less than that is considered a short finger. Depending of the length and size, a palmist can give a different reading.

    – Heavy fingers are associated with persons with physical nature.

    – An emotional and aggressive person has long and slim fingers.

    – If the person is emotionally comfortable, his/her fingers are short and thick.

    – Leaders have an index finger longer than the normal length. The opposite applies for people with shorter index finger as they are people who like to be controlled. A normal length of the index finger is considered to be when the finger reaches up to a third of the nail of the middle finger.

  2. Shape of the Fingers

    Usually, the shape of the fingers is the same as the shape of the hand. However, in some cases, hands are a mixture of the types of the fingers. Finger nails are also part of the reading.

    – Square fingers are associated with down to earth people.

    – Pointed fingers are reserved for individuals with an artistic nature while inventiveness is linked to people who have spade shaped fingers.

    – Honest people have straight fingers. They are direct in their saying. On the contrary, a malicious personality is associated with crooked fingers.

  3. Rings on Fingers

    Rings are considered an emotional armor for the person who is wearing them. The reading depends on the finger where the ring is placed.

    People who wear ring on the forefinger are ambitious, and often, they need to enhance their ego. On the other hand, people with materialistic nature wear the ring on their middle finger. Meanwhile, ring on the little finger is a common perception in the gay community.

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