Do You Want to Learn? The Head Line Shows How Much

headshortFrom the three major lines in a palm, readers identify the head line as one associated with the thirst for knowledge, learning style, communication with the outside world and everything else regarding learning, cognition and perception.

The beginning of the head line is at the edge of the palm. Starting from under the index finger, the head line flows across the palm and finishes towards the outside edge of the palm. Sometimes, the head line can cross lines with the life line. Palm readers can find out how the mind of a person works, how he/she perceives objects, his/her intellectual level, communication style, preferences towards analytical approach and thirst for knowledge.

Symbols on the Head Line

Sometimes, little objects and symbols are formed on the lines, including the head line. We mentioned that the head line can cross lines with the life line. However, when they are separated, it indicates a person has a lust for life, adrenaline and adventure. These people live life to the fullest and they are always looking for that next adventure.

A circle or cross on the head line indicates an emotional crisis. If there are multiple crosses on the headline, the person is faced with lots of big decisions, both at the moment, and in the future.

Form and Shape of the Line

There are many forms and shapes of the headline. They all represent a different meaning, and a reader can easily identify the form.

  • A short line represents the client is fast thinker. He/she can reach a conclusion very easily, without any doubt. The short line ends near the center of the palm. People with short lines favor physical accomplishments over intellectual.
  • People who analyze things over and over again tend to have long, straight line. Their line extends across the palm. For these people, making a decision is a time exhausting task.
  • When the line splits in two it shows that the person is sensitive to others. They can easily identify with other’s perspective. Additionally, these people can change their opinion very easily.
  • A long, but curved line indicates a creative thinker. He/she also mulls over a decision longer, because he/she imagines all the possible outcomes before reaching a decision.

Generally speaking, people with curvy lines favor spontaneity and creativity, while those with straight line prefer practical approach.

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