A Palmistry Chart – Insight to People’s Soul and Fate

Creating a palmistry reading chart is something palmists excel at. The palmist examines the hand by looking at the hand, the lines and fingers of the individual. The chart is based on accurate drawings including shape of the lines, shape and size of the palm, mounts and many other factors.

  1. Hands and Their Shape

    The shape of the hands is priority No.1 when creating a palmistry chart. There are four shapes, each linked to an according element.

    The earth hands have rough skin and square fingers, while water ones are oval -haped palms with long and flexible fingers. Fire-shaped hands have rectangular palms with flushed skin. Long fingers on the other hand are characteristics of air hands. People with air hands also have dry skin and the shape of their palms is either rectangular either square.

  2. Lines on the Chart

    The lines on the palm are just one of the aspects of palm reading. While they are important, they are not the sole aspect that palm readers should consider. There are four major lines on the hand (life, head, heart and fate line). The fate line can be absent sometimes. Aside from those, there are several other secondary lines on the palm, such as the marriage and travel line. However, in 90% of situations, palmists use only the major lines to create the chart. The heart is the first line for reading, and it is located towards the top of the palm and right under the fingers of an individual. Sometimes, it can start from the edge of the palm. The edge of the line under the index finger is the location where the head line starts and spreads across the palm. The life line extends from the edge of the palm, just above the thumb. From there, it travels to the wrist. Some palmists like to combine the length of all three lines and use them in a reading.

  3. Mounts in Palmistry

    Palmistry-ChartThe last major aspect in a palm reading chart is the mounts. They found below fingers. Mounts got their name from Greek mythology and gods/goddesses.

    • Below the thumb, signifying love and beauty is the Venus mount.
    • The mount of Jupiter has the same significance as Venus, and is found below the index finger.
    • Saturn, the mount of hard work and patience, is located below the middle finger.
    • The mount of Apollo, or the mount of creativity and energy, is found under the ring finger.
    • Bellow the little finger is the Mercury mount, signifying wit and versatility.

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