Palm Reading Versus Numerology

Both palm reading and numerology are classified as structured reading fortune telling techniques. A structure reading means there are numbers, dates, planets, hands, or any other factors that are visible, with which fortunetellers create a chart and perform the reading. The other type of reading is unstructured, where the fortune teller uses his psychic powers to perform the reading. Numerology and palmistry are similar, in a way that both are divination tools used for fortune telling. However, their similarities end there.

How are They Similar

Both techniques descend from the Vedic Astrology, a technique used in India thousands of years ago. Additionally, both techniques provide the client with insight regarding his personality traits, present and future life. Another important similarity is that neither technique considers the readings as something that are set in stone. On the contrary, both numerology and palmistry suggest the individual to grasp the readings and meaning as an advice, a guideline, an insight that can help him/her anticipate events in the future. Last but not least, both techniques believe that what is happening to us is influenced by greater. They see the individual as just a part of the universe. And what is happening in the universe, or in the grand picture, affects us as individuals.

How Do They Differ

The main difference between numerology and palm reading is their approach. While the latter uses the palm of the individual to perform a reading, numerology uses numbers and birth dates.

Palmistry is more in constant motion, as the lines on the hand change accordingly to the actions we make. Numerology, on the other hand, does not use the same factors. And the birth date of the individual stays the same at 30, 40 or 50 years. Numerology is better served to perform on ourselves. The numbers don’t lie. With palmistry, the risk of being subjective is greater.

Which Technique is More Accurate?

When it comes to accuracy, nobody can define whether numerology or palm reading is more accurate. The accuracy depends on the person who does the reading or interpretation. The more experienced and knowledgeable the palmist is, the more accurate the reading will be. While some might think numerology is more accurate, since the birth date is something that cannot be changed, there are many different ways to interpret it. In palmistry, lines change during our lifespan. Therefore, the best advice is to look for someone who is experienced. That is not to say a young novice can’t perform a reading, or that he/she might not be accurate.

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