How Does Palm Reading Work?

palmreadingPalm reading, or popularly called Palmistry, is an ancient technique used for fortune telling in China, India, Tibet and Egypt thousands of years ago. The practitioner (or the palm reader) examines the hand, its fingers, nails, lines and other factors, and based on them, the palm reader can foreshadow the future of the person as well as his personality traits. It is worth noting however that the readings and meanings in palm reading are not set in stone. They are just guidance, and should only be perceived as such. Once clients get their readings, they are better prepared to anticipate what lies before them in the future. But, how exactly palm reading works?

Step One – Choosing the Hand

The first step is to choose the hand on which the reading is done. This seems like a simple task, but it is far from it. There are several different theories which hand to perform the reading on. For example, some consider that the dominant hand should be used for personality traits, while the secondary is used for emotions. Some other theories include the past, present and future theory, the brain theory and age and gender. However, once the hand is chosen, the practitioner examines the hand and determines which element the hand is associated with. Depending on the element – which can be fire, earth, water and air – the reader tells the client his/her potential, personality traits and characteristics.

Step Two – The Lines

The second step of the reading is the line reading. There are three major lines on the hand, the head, life and heart line. Each carries a different meaning, and each one is different by shape and length. Sometimes, the head and life line can be crossed between each other, and sometimes they flow individually. Palmists give the most meaning to the lines reading. Besides the three major, there are several secondary lines, but they are rarely used in the reading.

Step Three – The Fingers

Once the practitioner is done with the lines and the hands, he/she continues with the reading of the fingers. When it comes to fingers, the palmist can examine the shape of the thumb, the shape of the fingers and their length, and the shape of the fingernails.

Final Thoughts

Palm reading is an excellent way to communicate with people. Some people learn it just so they can have their own trick at every party, while some believe and live swear by it. Whatever the case, the reality is that palm reading works by simple and easy principles. There are many guides one can learn how to read a hand.

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