Hindu Palm Reading – The Oldest Palmistry

Indian or Hindu palm reading is the oldest form of palmistry. It is also the most famous palm reading in history. People from ancient times were traveling to India in order to learn and master the tricks of palmistry from Indian scholars and gurus. Vedas, widely regarded as one of […] Read more »

Benefits of Palm Reading

Palm reading, or Palmistry, is not something new. It has been around for ages. The ancient fortune telling technique originates from India and China. People have been using it to predict their future and find out more about their personality traits. While there have been times when palm reading was […] Read more »

What is Palm Reading?

Do you want to know what the future holds for you? Palm reading is an ancient technique, one that has been around for thousands of years and yet, this ancient practice remains popular today. Everyone is a bit curious about the future, and Palm reading (also known as Palmistry), not […] Read more »

How Does Palm Reading Work?

Palm reading, or popularly called Palmistry, is an ancient technique used for fortune telling in China, India, Tibet and Egypt thousands of years ago. The practitioner (or the palm reader) examines the hand, its fingers, nails, lines and other factors, and based on them, the palm reader can foreshadow the […] Read more »

The History of Palm Reading

Considered to be the fundamental technique in Chinese fortunetelling, palm reading is also called Palmistry or Chiromancy. Both terms suggest predictions made by the shape and form of the hand. Palm reading can foreshadow the future, but likewise examine the traits of a person. Back when birthdays and other indexes […] Read more »