Palmistry and Astrology – How Are They Connected?

Palm reading and astrology are widely popular fortune telling techniques. Both have their advantages, and disadvantages. But they are closely linked, to the point that some astrologers try to mark the zodiac signs on their hand. And let’s not forget that the names of the mounts on the hand got […] Read more »

What is your Palm Hand Shape?

Besides the lines on the hand, the shape and size of the hands are also factors in a palm reading. Palmists look at various factors on the hand, including the size and the shape. They also examine the color and texture of the skin on the hand and many other […] Read more »

Fingers and Their Palm Reading Meaning

Fingers are the third aspect of a palm reading. After the hand reading (size and shape), and lines on the hand (life, heart and head line), fingers are the third most important aspect of the reading. Palmists examine the fingers size, length, shape, the space between fingers and several other […] Read more »

A Palmistry Chart – Insight to People’s Soul and Fate

Creating a palmistry reading chart is something palmists excel at. The palmist examines the hand by looking at the hand, the lines and fingers of the individual. The chart is based on accurate drawings including shape of the lines, shape and size of the palm, mounts and many other factors. […] Read more »

What Does Marriage Line Tell Us

The marriage line is one of the secondary lines in the palm reading chart. However, many people are interested how their marriage life unfolds, how many children they are going to have, the state of the marriage and lots more. The marriage line can be one line, or several lines […] Read more »