Is Palm Reading Real?

3 Ways Your Hands Can Predict Your Life (With Pictures)   Palm Reading (also called ‘palmistry’ or ‘chiromancy’) is the ancient art of predicting your personality traits and your future through the lines on your hands. The practise of palm reading is thought to date back to 3000 BC where […] Read more »

Roma People and Palm Reading

Even though palm reading or palmistry origins from India and China, Roma people are mostly associated with the fortune telling technique. Palmistry is one of the three most common methods for fortune telling in Europe and USA. Other fortune telling techniques associated with Roma people (commonly known as gypsies) are […] Read more »

Palm Reading Versus Numerology

Both palm reading and numerology are classified as structured reading fortune telling techniques. A structure reading means there are numbers, dates, planets, hands, or any other factors that are visible, with which fortunetellers create a chart and perform the reading. The other type of reading is unstructured, where the fortune […] Read more »

A Choice Between Horoscope and Palmistry

There are more than 100 known fortunetelling techniques and methods people use to predict the future. For example, back in the ancient times, monks predicted the future by looking at people’s face, wrinkles or forehead. Other methods include an observation of the way how people sit, how they ask question […] Read more »