A Choice Between Horoscope and Palmistry

There are more than 100 known fortunetelling techniques and methods people use to predict the future. For example, back in the ancient times, monks predicted the future by looking at people’s face, wrinkles or forehead. Other methods include an observation of the way how people sit, how they ask question and many more. Nowadays, some of the more popular techniques are horoscope and palmistry. Between the two, which one is better?

The Horoscope Myth

Often, people wrongly mistake horoscope with astrology. While there are similarities between the two, the reality is that horoscope is just one part, one segment of astrology. Astrology is wider, broader science. However, astrologers are the ones that create the horoscope and can perform a reading based on the chart they create.

How are Horoscope and Palmistry Same?

Both of the fortunetelling techniques are considered structured readings. They are both based on factors such as numbers, birth dates and shape of the palm. Both techniques provide the individual with clear guidelines about what he/she should or could do in the future. They do not answer specific questions, they rather focus on behaviors, patterns and other factors. For example, neither horoscope nor palmistry can answer a question such as “Should I buy a new house? Palmistry and horoscope can only provide an insight into the future and what might happen, but they will not answer the question. The future can be changed or modified. Once the individual knows what to anticipate, he/she could eliminate negative energies and focus on positive things.

How Does Horoscope Works?

A horoscope reading is performed by an astrologer. The client must supply the astrologer with information like date of birth, exact time and location. That is the basic information regarding a horoscope reading. The reading can also be performed with regards to a specific event. In that case, the client tells the date, time and location of the occurring event. The astrologer then performs several calculations, examines position of moon and planets, and creates the chart.

How Does Palmistry Works?

Palmistry or palm reading, on the other hand, is more simple and easy technique. The approach is more friendly and basic. Palmists examine the hand of the client. Some of the factors they focus on are the shape and size of the hand, lines on the hand and fingers. Lines are the most important aspect of a palmistry reading. There are three major lines, and several secondary lines. Usually, the reading focuses only on the main lines, but if the client expresses desire, a palmist can perform reading focusing on the secondary lines as well.

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